Meet Paula,

So far, my career has always led me to work for some amazing entrepreneurs within Northern Ontario where I got to witness first-hand, their drive, passion, and pioneering mindset. I have a deep admiration for their qualities and was encouraged to follow my own entrepreneurial dreams and launch Morrow Management.

My devotion to this field started when I was in college obtaining my Advanced Diploma in Public Relations from Cambrian College. I was working as an event promoter for concerts and special events by promoting them through my personal social media platforms. During this time, I realized how powerful social media and digital marketing could be.

Since then, my passion has grown and my skills have been enhanced with years of experience as a corporate communication professional in various industries such as hospitality and food services, construction, arts and entertainment, and sports and recreation.

When I launched Morrow Management, I sought to become an entrepreneur who helped other entrepreneurs because I know how exhausting it can be doing everything yourself. I know that having the ability to envision ideas and share them with others is a fulfilling feeling, but it requires time and energy that isn’t always available.

We can't do everything we want to achieve when we go at it alone, and that's why Morrow Management exists.

Being an entrepreneur is hard,
but you don't have to do it alone! 




Let me ask you this.

How many hours a week do you spend online trying to market your business on Instagram? Or writing promotional email campaigns that aren’t too pushy yet still sell?

An hour a day? Three hours a day? 15 hours a week? Likely more, right? Or maybe not at all, yet holding the guilt that you SHOULD.

Here’s where I come in!  My goal is to take these tasks off your plate, free up time in your schedule and space in your head so you can focus on what you’re truly passionate about, your business.

Think about what you could do with 15 extra hours in your week.  Let’s book a call and I’ll lay out exactly how I can take over these tasks for you and help you grow! 

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core principles

  • SISU (learn more)
  • Remain True to Northern Roots
  • Community Over Competition
  • Follow Internal Compass
  • Uphold Positive Reputation
  • Always Exceed Expectations
  • Make a Lasting Impact
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Build Enduring Connections
  • Never Stop Learning