September 13, 2021

How to Optimize your Business with Local SEO

This checklist will help you optimize your website with local-focused search engine optimization to ensure maximum visibility and reach for your business!

Local-focused search engine optimization, better known as SEO, will ensure maximum visibility and reach for your business to your local customers.

Google My Business

If you haven't yet, do this right now! Depending on your location and business, it may take up to two weeks for Google to verify you. Once verified, you'll be added to your local map.  It's crucial that you add ALL the information Google has requested; you should aim to get your listing score between 80-100%!

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Do your research! Make sure the words you're using to describe your products and services are full of the keywords people are searching for. It's SO important to include your most prominent keyword within the first paragraph or first 100 words of your copy.

Reference your Location

Add your location to the five key places: title tag, headings, body copy, meta description and footer. Depending on your offerings and target audience, you could be as specific as referencing your city or if you're searching for a wider geographical area, just mention your country or province/state.

Use Local Directories

You may think people don't use the phonebook or review sites such as "Yelp," but they do! Google will favour directories that are reputable during their search, which will help bring your business to the top.

Online Reviews

Prompt your consumers to leave you online reviews, preferably on Google, because they use these as a ranking signal. Find your "short link" on your Google My Business account and add it to invoices, social posts, the bottom of your website, etc.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile devices account for more than half of the globe's website traffic, so we recommend having a very responsive mobile design, and Google will also prioritize this.

Create High-Quality, Local Focused Content

Sites that feature content such as blogs referencing local topics will be keyword rich! If the content is particularly interesting and more people read it, it will perform better in search results.

Backlinks - Include Location in Anchor Text

Backlinks are links from other sites to yours which help increase your visibility. Google treats them as ‘votes’ for your website and rewards websites with larger numbers of links pointing to them with higher positions in search results.

Improve Website Load Time

It's crucial that your website loads fast, or else people will leave. You can improve your time by optimizing images and file sizes and enabling compression on the server.