March 11, 2021

The Intern's Experience

Welcome to an intern’s experience with Morrow Management! 

My name is Keara Thompson and I’m a recent graduate of the Public Relations program at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario. Part of our curriculum included a hands-on, eight-week internship to help students gain the range of skills needed to be great communicators in the public relations industry. 

I first heard of Morrow Management in class during a presentation where industry leaders spoke with us about “a day in their life” in the PR industry and I immediately knew I wanted the chance to work with the agency.

Morrow Management is a Northern Ontario-based, boutique digital marketing agency, owned and operated by Cambrian College Alumni, Paula Morrow.

Seeing how a true professional like Paula approached clients and tasks thrilled me and has since changed me as a working professional forever.

During my eight-week term with Morrow Management, I was fortunate to be able to work within many different industries -  from cannabis and construction to food services and lifestyle coaches.  I worked with Morrow Management itself, Northbound Cannabis Co., Launchpad Creative, Fresh and Easy, The Clozer, The Crystal Vault, and J & J Temagami on a regular basis.

Each project required something unique from me, and I was more than happy to deliver on behalf of Morrow Management as I was needed. I spent time learning and explore new platforms and applications such as Later for social media scheduling, Shopify for e-commerce management and Canva for graphic design. I thoroughly enjoyed creating logos for clients and working with them to build their brand from the ground up! 

As Paula would say, “I have a designer eye.”

The most exciting thing I got to experience while spending time with Paula would be my first day, simply because I was able to meet Paula in person prior to the latest COVID-19 lockdown kicked back into place. I got to spend the day witnessing firsthand what her position entails, we attended a client meeting together and enjoyed many useful discussions.

I came home thrilled to tell my family all about the new things I learned and what my future held within my new role – they had questions but I had to be careful with what I said; I learned one of the hardest parts of working in PR is definitely keeping all the fun information to yourself for confidentiality.

After my first day, Paula asked me to think about what my expectations were coming into an internship as a college student. I expected to not have much confidence in my work; I was constantly worried about being a burden on Paula rather than assuming I could be an asset in helping her build Morrow Management up.

But the reality of my eight-week placement was a wake-up call! 

The best kind of wake-up call. Paula never allowed me to feel like a burden, she gave me the advice and tips I needed to be confident with my work, she allowed me to build an outstanding portfolio and her mentorship will always be showcased in my ongoing professionalism. 

My placement was a wonderful, invaluable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. With my Morrow Management experience, I look forward to pursuing a career in public relations and can’t wait to see what the future holds!